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Oak and Pine Class 

W.E  - Friday 13th September


The Year 2 children in Oak Class have had a very busy start to the term. They have been thinking about what they would like to achieve this year, looking at the world and the places, oceans and mountains they visited over their summer holidays, discovering their dictionaries, programming their beetbots to naviagte a maze and have a created a whole display of poetry. I can't even imagine what they will achieve in a year. Well done Year 2!

W.E  - Friday 8th March


Muck, Mess and Mixtures gets messy

The children have had an amazing time this week exploring their topic for this half term Muck, Mess and Mixtures. This week's task was 'Who can make the stickiest mixture'? The children were given sugar, flour, salt, icing sugar, cornflour and shaving foam. Their creations were topped off with some mini gems. A mixture definately not for eating!!

Afterwards the Year 2 children practiced their creative writing linking their stories to Hansel and Gretel.

W.E  - Friday 1st February


Glebelands Community Science Challenge

This week all the year one and two children took part in the Glebelands community science challenge. Their challenge was to be a group of design engineers designing a wind turbine, producing a miniture model of their turbine which would create as much electricity as possible. 

The five Peaslake teams excelled themselves with the 'Big Bam Boogie Six' coming a a fantastic second. Well done Peaslake!

W.E  - Friday 11th January


Fantastic Drumming

The children had a fantastic fun filled hour with Ray Watters from 'Drum with us' this week. Ray introduced the children to the drums which came from around the world, from places such as Africa, the Caribbean and Brazil. Everybody had a drum each and together created rhythms to go with chants such as 'fish and chips', 'hand, hand, bang your drum' and 'yabba, dabba, doo.' The children found they could vary the sounds of the drums by banging in the middle, the top and the bottom of the drums and also by using their fingertips lightly on the central part of the drum. 

Every single child was engrossed throughout the workshop and they had so much fun performing and playing together. Even at the end of the school day the children were still singing the chants from the workshop. What a great start to our new term!

W.E  - Friday 15th June


Amazing Mosques

The children have had a great time this week making some amazing mosques, as apart of their topic on world faiths.Their wonderful creations finished in white and gold towered above their desks. The large structures required all their team working skills.

W.E  - Friday 25th May


Royal Wedding Party

It was officially last week, but what a wonderful party. The children had a fantastic time on the bouncy castle, face painting, decorating cakes and just enjoying the glorious weather.


W.E  - Friday 11th April


What a Perfect Pirate Day!

The children had a fantastic time this week with all their pirate activities and what wonderful costumes they wore. 


W.E  - Friday 27th April

The children had an amazing day out this week to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. The children were able to dress up as Neilson's sailors and explore HMS Victory and what wonderful sailors they made.


W.E  - Thursday 22nd March

The children had a fantastic morning this morning taking part in our long tradition of rolling their wonderfully decorated eggs down Mackies Hill.

The super winners of the eggs that rolled the furthest were:

Nursery: Oliver

Reception: Alba

Year1: Benjy

Year2: Eloise

Not forgetting the prizes for the most amazingly decorated eggs going to:

Nursery: Abi

Reception: Alba

Year1: Maia

Year2: Elodie

Well done everybody!


W.E  - Friday 9th March Pine and Oak Class

On Thursday we had our Mother's Day Celebration where the children presented their mother's with their own painted portrait. There was also time for a well earned cup of tea and to the eat the fairy cakes the children had made and decorated. Spinkles and icing galore!

W.E  - Friday 23rd February Pine Class

Pine Class have been busy comparing lengths and heights of different objects this week. Here we are measuring all sorts of objects.

W.E  - Friday 9th February

We have all progressed so well with our writing this term. Here are a few samples of some writing from this week. 

W.E  - Friday 2nd February Pine Class

At the beginning of the week we posted our letters in the village post box. It took just one day for our letters to arrive at our houses. 

W.E  - Friday 2nd February Oak Class

Using nursery rhymes as our theme, the children used their knowledge to decorate a shoe box incorporating a winding mechanism.


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