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Pine Class - Reception Autumn Term 2023
Getting to know You

Communication and Language

Sharing our summer journals, listening to others, asking questions to find out information.

Taking turns in conversations.

Role play indoors and outdoors

Turn taking games in pairs and in groups

Puppet theatre and tuff spot to enhance our talk for writing focus Dear Zoo.


Mathematics Matching, sorting and comparing objects. Talking about measures and patterns. Exploring 1,2 and 3. Circles and triangles Exploring 1,2,3,4 and 5. Investigating shapes with four sides.


Whole class shared reading of high quality picture books. Individual story telling following pictures in wordless books moving on to reading books with simple text. Whole class phonic sessions using our phonic scheme ,Little Wandle. To begin to think about characters, settings and plots and to consider what’s happening and why. To predict what might happen next?

Personal and Social Development

We will consider our feelings such as being sad, worried, angry and learn how to cope with these feelings through stories, events , videos and our zones of regulation.

Explanation of class and school rules and knowing why its important to have rules.

Online Safety Rules introduced

Physical Development

Development of fine motor skills through craft activities, finger rhymes, cutting activities and getting dressed and undressed.

This term we will focus on being able to..

Use scissors to cut

Fold paper in half

Develop the tripod grip when drawing and writing

Increasing independence with putting on coats and doing up zips.

Drawing circles and triangles

Development of Gross Motor Skills through class games and PE, dance and forest school sessions.

This term we will focus on balancing, hopping, running smoothly and throwing and catching a ball.


Team sports; Football, Volleyball.

Developing agility and balance: with ‘Movement control’.

Team tactics, hand/eye; Dodgeball.

Weekly Swimming,

Dance using the scheme 'creative steps’.

Understanding the world

Consider the changing seasons.  Focussing on Autumn and Winter. Children make observations about their environment in particular how our tree in the school garden has changed.

Growing and changing over time, How have we changed since we were babies?

Through sharing our Summer journals children will gain a sense of place and will develop positive attitudes about differences in people and their families.Where did you go on holiday?  Who is in your family?

Making apple crumble with the apples from our tree and making bread for harvest children discover changes that happen during mixing, rubbing, kneading and baking.

Expressive Art and Design

Development of visual literacy through observing, photographing and drawing shapes in the environment.

Observational drawings of shells and pebbles.


Writing Focus on working towards the tripod grip through fine motor skill activities. Focus on writing our names Experience of using a variety of resources such as clip boards, sticky notes,range of chalks, pens, crayons etc. Potion list writing in the mud kitchen, shopping list writing Learning direction such as up, down round and back Regular guided letter formation

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