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Pine Class - Reception Summer Term 2023 
Around the world

Communication and Language

I will contribute to discussions about being an explorer and will share my ideas and listen to others’ ideas.


I will be continuing to improve my subitising, counting and partitioning skills.  I will be exploring numbers up to 20 focussing on patterns within 20 ordering numbers up to 20 and matching pictures to numerals up to 20.  I will begin to understand what is meant by estimating and will be solving problems that involve subtraction.


I will be using my knowledge of phase 3 digraphs and trigraphs to decode unfamiliar words and will be recognising more words by sight to support my fluency.  I will be reading regularly in my reading group each week focusing on decoding, prosody and comprehension.

Personal and Social Development

We will be thinking hard about being patient, having empathy for others, trying our hardest to try new activities, independence and talking about activities that we like the best and why.

Physical Development

Skill focus on throwing and catching.

Our dance this half term will focus on the theme of being on a desert island. We will create movement inspired by building shelters, the sea, hunting for treasure and being on-board a pirate ship. We will be working as a whole class, in pairs and also in small groups.

Communication and Language

I can talk about a special journey I have been on.

I can talk about past and present events in my life.

I can give my attention to what others say and respond appropriately, asking relevant questions or adding related comments.

Understanding the world

I can talk about the festival of Eid.  I will find out how to care for different pets. I will find out about my local area and compare it to other places around the world.  I will learn about how animals around the world can camouflage themselves as a form of protection.

I will be introduced to some famous explorers and will become familiar with why they are famous.

Role Play

Peaslake Vets for Pets

Ready to look after your pet and get them feeling good again?


Visit to the village

Regular Pet visits

Coronation Celebrations

Using new art techniques such as crayon resist and using corks and sponges to print with.

Arrival of caterpillars in May and following their life cycle through observations.

Dog Safety Assembly


Our talk for writing text will be Walking through the Jungle. We will explore the book by learning actions to go with the text and being able to recite the text.  We will be drawing our own story maps and will be sequencing the story.  When we know the story really well we will be writing our own story based on this text.

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