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Oak Class - Year 1 Spring Term 2023


This half term will be reading “Toys in space” in Talk for Writing and will be focusing our writing on story settings. Then we will writing our own version of the story.

Our writing will be made more interesting by adding adjectives, conjunctions, and similes.

Toys in Space Themes: Toys left outside who get on a spaceship and travel in to space. Meet a lonely alien in need of help and friends.

 Join words and clauses using ‘and.’ Punctuate sentences using a capital letter and a full stop, a question mark or exclamation mark.

Add suffixes to verbs (where no change is needed to the root of the word e.g. ed, ing, er, est.

Change the meaning of verbs and adjectives using the prefix ‘un.’


This half term we will be focusing on everyday materials and distinguish between an object and the material from which it is made.

The children will explore, name, discuss and raise and answer questions about everyday materials and properties such as: hard/soft; stretchy/stiff; shiny/dull; rough/smooth….etc.  

What material we can find, and name variety of everyday materials, including wood, plastic, glass, water, and rock.

Describe the simple physical properties of a variety of everyday materials.

Compare and group together a variety of everyday materials based on their physical properties.


We will focus on developing our map, compass and atlas skills.

We will carry out fieldwork, collecting pramary data in the locality to answer geographical questions.


This half term we will  focus our learning around the history of toys.

Please refer to our knowledge organiser for further information.


We will have weekly sessions with Miss Heaton using a Kodaly approach.


Dance: Mrs Jackson

Sport - Rupert

Weekly swimming


Place value within 20.

In the Autumn term, children learnt numbers to 10. In this half term they will extend that learning to numbers to 20.

They will develop their understanding of 10 in preparation for future learning.

Understand teen numbers in small steps, for example, one ten and some ones.

Apply what they have learnt about 10, to develop an understanding of 20.

Develop a deep understanding of 20 and how to find 1 more and 1 less than any number within 20.

Develop understanding of number line within 20.

Estimate and compare numbers within 20.


This half term we will build on our knowledge of Islam. Respect and Peace are important concepts within this unit. We will explore stories about the life of the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and why he might be important for Muslim families.


Using the scheme, you, me and PSHE, we will be looking at identity, society and equality.


Our topic for this term is Portraits

We will be looking and analysing the portraits of monarchs and compare monarchs’ portraits and to selfies today.

Key knowledge: This Portraits unit will teach the class about portraits, and use of different materials and techniques when making their own.

Design and Technology/ ICT

This half term, the children will develop their understanding of a range of tools used for digital painting. They then use these tools to create their own digital paintings, whilst gaining inspiration from a range of artists’ work.

Significant Events

We will visit the Shah Jahan Mosque

We will visiting Brooklands Museum

We will take part in Science Week

We will prepare for our Mothers Day Celebration

Books to complement our topic

Non-fiction - Ground Contol to Major Tim, Look Inside Space, Emmeline Pankhurst

Fiction - Greta and the Giants, Ada Twist, Man on the Moon, Malala's Magic Pencil

Peaslake Top 100 Books - Not Now Bernard, Patton's Pumpkins, Handa's Surprise

Reading Spine - variety of fables

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