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Hazel Class - Year 2 Summer Term 2023
Around the world


As part of our ‘Around the World’ topic, we will focus our fiction writing on the story ‘Grandad’s Island.’

Our non-fiction writing will focus on the features of a biography, as we learn about Amelia Earhart in History.

Phonics will continue from Level 6 week 21.

Initially, during our guided reading sessions, we will look at how to help us answer comprehension questions. Following these, our sessions will be based around books from across the world, strengthening our bond with our link school in Kampala. We will look at the picture books: One Hen, The Water Princess and Handa’s Surprise.

Our spelling café will focus on practising our Y1/2 tricky words.



Within our plant topic we will:


- observe and describe how seeds and bulbs grow into mature plants

- find out and describe how plants need water, light and a suitable temperature to grow and stay healthy.


We will learn about the significant person, Amelia Earhart.


We will have weekly sessions with Miss Heaton using a Kodaly approach 


Weekly PE lessons with Rupert

Weekly swimming lessons

Dance using the scheme 'creative steps’

Art & Design

This half term, we will focus on portraits. Initially we will sketch self-portraits. After this, we are excited to welcome Jethro Crabb to help us sculpt our portraits.


Within this half term, we will learn about fractions, recognizing a half, quarter and third.

We will focus on telling the time: - O’clock and half past - Past/to the hour - Telling the time to 5 minutes

We will also explore shape, looking at:

- Lines of symmetry

- The properties of 3D shapes (vertices, edges and faces)


We will celebrate Eid with an assembly and activities.

We will begin to explore ‘Why we should look after our world.’


This half term we will focus on keeping safe and managing risk.

Our visit from the fire brigade will help inform us about fire safety.

A dog safety talk will help inform us about keeping safe with animals. We will also discuss road safety and keeping safe outside.


Wow Moments

Eid celebrations

Visit from professional sculptor, Jethro Crabb

Visit from the fire brigade

Dog safety educational talk using a nonprofit programme called Doggone safe.

Tea party to celebrate the coronation of King Charles

Books to complement our topic

Non-fiction – Ground Control to Major Tim , Look Inside Space , Emmeline Pankhurst. 

Fiction – Greta and the Giants, Ada Twist, Man on the Moon, Malala’s Magic Pencil

Peaslake 100 top books - Not now Bernard, Pattan’s Pumpkin, Handa’s surprise     

Reading spine – variety of fables

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