Our Free School Vision & Goals

We remain commited to the original vision and goals of the Trust established over the past 20 years.


Our vision:


• Provide excellent early years education in the community, close to where the children live;
• Have small class sizes where children can enjoy high levels of individual attention and child-centred teaching is a reality;
• Create a secure and enjoyable transition from nursery to infant school;
• Develop and conduct a flexible curriculum which meets core needs and takes full advantage of the position of the school and the surrounding countryside;
• Provide and outstanding transition to the next stage of education;
• Encourage high levels of parental involvement in school activities.

Our goals:

• Happy, fulfilled, confident and well-rounded children who are able to walk to school and enjoy the company of peers;
• Continuity of high quality early years provision in the village with SATs results which exceed regional standards and successful progression of children to the next stage;
• A more diverse and inclusive school which attracts parents in the village of all circumstances and working patterns;
• Outstanding quality of well-qualified teaching staff, trained in the latest techniques and well-rewarded for their efforts;
• A broad and flexible curriculum which incorporates new, technology enabled models for learning and teaching and which supports to an even higher degree Individual Education Plans and Special Education Needs;
• High quality facilities for learning and play with a greater investment in technology;
• Close connections to and involvement of the wider community in the operations and development of the school.

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