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School and Nursery News April 2022

Peaslake Free School

World Book Day was celebrated on Thursday the 3rd March. Throughout this week, the children were immersed in storytelling, reading and writing. Our week began with a breaking news story of missing bikes at school. The children arrived to see a crime scene with clues to help them piece together what might have happened. They interviewed Miss Lock, being a local resident, to establish a time-line of events. It transpired that the gingerbread man had taken a bike to evade capture with the other story characters in hot pursuit. The children created missing posters and felt passionately about the safe return of their playground equipment. So much so that they decided they would bake an alternative for the fox, the little old lady and co. and wrote letters to exchange cupcakes for their bikes. Following the safe return of their beloved bikes, the children wrote thank you letters and created their own stories. During this week, we went on ‘book speed dating’ where the children shared their favourite stories. We were also fortunate to welcome parent readers who shared a story with the class. On World Book Day itself, the children dressed up as a book character. Examples included Mr Tickle and the girl from The Secret Garden. To conclude our week, we held a book café for the children. During this, the children were able to sample different genres of books, ranging from biographies to fairy tales. The children left having discovered new and exciting books, wishing to share this with their parents.

While the teachers were enjoying a day of training in “Talk for Writing”, a group of mums and children took advantage of the Inset day to expand on our Bright Lights, Big City topic and went on a day trip to London. The children were clearly enthralled by the opportunity to see all the buildings and sights of the city they had talked about in class. Truly learning coming to life, which is so rewarding.

We would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter and we are looking forward to a sunny and busy Summer term.

Natalie Jackson, Oak Class Teacher

Peaslake Nursery

Our topic this term has been Celebrations. This incorporated birthdays, weddings, christenings, Mother’s Day and Easter. The children have all enjoyed making gifts and learning a few songs to present to their mums at our Mother’s Day tea party.

We have been doing a lot of cooking this term which the children have really enjoyed, we will continue to do this on a regular basis because it brings in so many of the areas of learning.

We have been lucky enough to be able to purchase an entire set of PE kit, this means that we are able to do extra PE sessions whenever we want to.

Our role-play area has been a very popular farm shop selling all sorts of fresh produce. The children have enjoyed making their purchases and being able to take it away in a brown, recyclable carrier bag. This has triggered conversations about healthy food, recycling and the importance of looking after our planet.

It’s difficult to believe our next article will cover egg-rolling and our Easter celebrations. Where is the year going?

Vanessa Pollard


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