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A Tailored Curriculum

Curriculum Intent

In crafting our school’s curriculum intent, it was important to us to focus on elements that not only enrich the education experience but also address the unique needs and potential of every child. It has been designed with a clear vision to empower our children by embracing diversity, expanding vocabulary, and fostering a deep connection with the environment. Each element has been chosen with the purpose of building a foundation that supports the mental health and holistic development of our children, especially considering the specific context of our school’s location and the demographic it serves.



Diversity as a Cornerstone for Broadening Outlooks


The children that attend Peaslake Free School come from Peaslake village and similar neighbouring villages. We are surrounded by compact, rural communities. We believe that our children benefit from the opportunity for education to bridge gaps and open minds. Our curriculum is committed to introducing our pupils to a wide range of cultures, traditions and perspectives from an early age. By weaving diversity into every aspect of our curriculum, from literature to historical studies, to art and music, we aim to cultivate an environment where empathy, respect and curiosity thrive. We consider this exposure to be crucial, as it not only broadens our children’s outlook but also prepares them to navigate and contribute positively to a global society. Through celebrating differences and encouraging inclusive interactions, we lay the groundwork for a community that values and learns from the richness of human diversity.



The Power of Vocabulary in Expressing Needs and Ideas


A strong vocabulary is a key contributor to a child's ability to express their needs, ideas, and emotions effectively. Recognising this in our pupils, our curriculum places a strong emphasis on language development and communication skills. By integrating a wide array of vocabulary across subjects, we provide our students with the tools to articulate their thoughts clearly and confidently. This approach is designed to enhance not just academic achievement but also emotional well-being, as being understood is fundamentally linked to happiness and self-esteem. Through stories, discussions, and creative expression, we nurture a love for language and communication, ensuring our pupils feel heard and valued.



Fostering Well-being and Education through Outdoor Learning and Physical Activity


Situated in the rural beauty of the Surrey Hills, our school is in a prime position to leverage the natural environment as a dynamic classroom. Understanding that children learn best through hands-on experiences and by taking calculated risks, our curriculum is deeply embedded with opportunities to explore, care for, and learn from the natural world as well as our surrounding community. Emphasising outdoor experiences in our curriculum is not merely about enjoying the beauty of our rural setting; it's about utilising the natural world as an expansive classroom that offers endless opportunities for discovery, learning, and personal growth. We know that outdoor learning and active experiences supports physical health, emotional and mental health, as well as academic growth. Being inherently stimulating it provides a rich sensory experience that indoor environments simply cannot replicate. At Peaslake, outdoor learning experiences and weekly Forest School sessions are designed to encourage curiosity, resilience, and a lifelong appreciation for nature.



In conclusion, by thoughtfully crafting our curriculum to focus on diversity, vocabulary, and environmental engagement, we aim to equip our students with the skills, knowledge, and values they need to thrive in an ever-changing world. It's a holistic approach that not only addresses the immediate educational needs of our children but also prepares them to be compassionate, curious, capable, and well rounded citizens of the future.

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