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Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education




At Peaslake we have chosen to use the Jigsaw Mindful scheme for our pupils PSHE. The school wide approach is rooted in mindfulness practice. It meets the statutory RSHE requirements but also develops educational outcomes alongside improving mental health and safeguarding of all. We believe that this compliments are curriculum aims and school vision.

It nurtures children to become confident and successful, increasing their capacity to learn and preparing them for the challenges of the modern world. 

It is developed by teachers and wellbeing experts to develop emotional intelligence and life skills.


Father and Son

Yearly Overview



Being in My World/ Celebrating Difference

Understand how it feels to belong and that we are similar and different.

I can start to recognise and manage my feelings. Understand what it means to be kind and use gentle hands.

Enjoy working with others to make school a special place.

I am starting to understand children’s rights, and this means we should all be allowed to learn and play. Learn what being responsible means.

Identify something I am good at and understand everyone is good at different things. Understand that being different makes us all special and know we are all different but the same in some ways.

Know why my home is special to me.

Know how to be a kind friend.

Know which words to use to stand up for myself when someone says or does something unkind.


Dreams and Goals/ Healthy Me

Understand that if I persevere, I can tackle challenges, talk about a time I didn’t give up until I achieved my goal.

I can set a goal and work towards it.

Use kind words to encourage people.

Understand the link between what I learn now and the job I might like to do when I’m older.

Say how I feel when I achieve a goal and know what it means to feel proud.

I understand that I need to exercise to keep my body healthy.

I understand how moving and resting are good for my body.

I know which foods are healthy and not so healthy and can make healthy eating choices.

Know how to help myself go to sleep and understand why sleep is good for me.

I can wash my hands thoroughly and understand why this is important.  Know who my safe adults are and how to stay safe if they are not close by.


Relationships/Changing Me

Know some of the jobs I do in my family and how I feel like I belong. Know how to make friends to stop myself from feeling lonely.

Think of ways to solve problems and stay friends.

Start to understand the impact of unkind words,

And use Calm Me time to manage my feelings.

Know how to be a good friend.

Name parts of the body and say some things I can do, and the foods I can eat to be healthy.

Understand that we all grow from babies to adults.

Be able to express how I feel about moving to Year 1 and talk about my worries and/or the things I am looking forward to about being in Year 1.

Share my memories of the best bits of this year in Reception

Year 1


Being Me in My World/ Celebrating Difference

Know that I belong to my class, it is a safe and special place for everyone to learn.

Recognise how it feels to be proud of an achievement.

Recognise the range of feelings when I face certain consequences.

I understand my choices in following the Learning Charter

We are the same and different, being different makes us special.

How it feels to be bullied, being kind

How it feels to make a new friend


Dreams and Goals/ Healthy Me

Know what you do well and how you learn best.

Know how to face a new challenge and overcome obstacles.

Know how to store my feelings of success in my internal treasure chest.

Know making healthy choices makes you feel good.

Know how to keep safe and help myself when I feel poorly.

Recognise when I feel frightened and who to ask for help.

Recognise how feeling healthy makes me happy. 



Relationships/Changing Me

Feel sense of belonging to a family and to care for those around you.

Know how to make a new friend.

Know acceptable and unacceptable physical contact.

Know how to ask for help, to express feelings and praise myself.

Know that changes happen as we grow up. Some changes we want to happen and others we don’t but that’s ok. Know that we grow at different rates. To respect your body and which parts are private. To learn new things and cope with changes.

Year 2



Being Me in My World/Celebrating Difference

I recognise when I feel worried and who to ask for help.

I know how to help myself and others feel we belong.

I know my classroom is a safe and fair place to learn. 

I can work cooperatively and follow the learning charter.

Know that boys and girls are similar in some ways and different in others.

To know how it might feel to be bullied and be kind to them.

To know how to get help if I am bullied and who will help.

Know that differences make us special and unique.

Know not to judge people for being different.

Know how good it feels to have a friend.


Dreams and Goals/ Healthy Me

To talk about what I’ve achieved and how that makes me feel.
To know my strengths as a learner and how working with others helps me learn. Know how to work with others to solve problems and how it feels to be part of a group.
To know how to make healthy choices.
To recognise weak and strong feelings.
Feel positive about caring for my body.  I know which foods I enjoy and how to share healthy food with my friends.
To know which foods are best for my body.


Relationships/ Changing Me

To value your family and know everyone’s family is different.
Know which physical contact I like and don’t like and be able to express this.
Use positive problem technique to resolve conflicts with friends.
Know how it feels to be asked to keep a secret you don’t want to and who to talk to about this.
To know how if feels to trust someone, feel comfortable accepting praise.
To recognise natural life cycles.
Identify people who I respect who are older than me.
Be proud of being independent.
To say what I do/don’t like about being a boy/girl.
I am confident to say what I like and don’t like.
To start to think about changes I will make in my next class and how I will do this.

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