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We play a variety of sports including football, hockey and tennis.


Since September 2013 the Government has provided additional funding to improve the provision of physical education (PE) in primary schools.


Rupert Thorne from “Kids @ Sport” plans and teaches sport in weekly PE sessions across the school. The children get to enjoy a wide range of sporting activities and learn new skills for each new game.  The children's enjoyment of sport is seen on their faces as they experiment and try out new manoeuvres. There are also many more benefits to investing in these activities - children grow in confidence and learn to become part of a team - supporting and encouraging each other. In addition, their spatial awareness, co-ordination, motor skills, strength and fitness are all much improved.


Rupert also runs a lunchtime football club for all our football enthusiasts on Thursdays. The children really enjoy these sessions and always remember that Thursday is a “Rupert” day!  These sessions have helped to encourage the children to play as a team and think and work together. They are also helping to increase stamina by improving fitness levels out in the fresh air throughout the year.

Weekly swimming lessons from the professional teaching team at Cranleigh Leisure Centre also help our children to build strength and coordination as well as learning a key life skill. As drowning is the third most common cause of accidental death in children, we believe all children should have the opportunity to learn how to swim and be taught how to stay safe in and around water.

We expect children to attend their swimming lesson every week unless there is a medical reason for not participating in this part of our curriculum. In which case we require a copy of the consultation advice or a letter from a medical professional.


Peaslake School children also take part in a number of other extra-curricular sporting activities. Examples include:

  • Sports Relief Mile

  • Football Tournament at Longacre School

  • Cranleigh Prep School Mini Olympics

  • St Teresa's Infants Sports Festival

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