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Grow your own

Today was our first trip back to the woods since before half term, we talked to the children about finding a good spot to grow some vegetables and discussed what problems we might encounter growing in a woodland area.

On arrival the children were thrilled to be able to spot changes that had taken place over the last two weeks. Most notably the abundant growth of bluebell shoots; we tried to create a respectful path through them to get to our circle area. It will feel a long time until we see any flowers but I hope over the coming weeks we can make note of the growth rate and learn how patience does eventually pay off!

With the help of Mrs Rixon, our budding gardeners got to work and spent the session clearing and digging an area, clearing up leaves and roots to create a good size patch. I had a great team helping carry heavy branches to mark it out, there was lots of laughter as we learnt to carry together and all walk in the same direction – which always helps! There is still work to do but I’m confident we should have a patch ready for planting.


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