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June Highlights at Peaslake Free School

June has been an action-packed month at Peaslake Free School, filled with enriching activities, exciting events, and memorable experiences. From fundraisers to educational outings, here’s a recap of our busy month.

Peaslake Open Gardens Fundraiser 🌸🌿

We kicked off the month with a tremendous success at our Peaslake Open Gardens fundraiser. Thanks to the dedication of our organisers, the generosity of our garden openers, and the enthusiastic support of our attendees, we raised over £5000 for the Peaslake Schools Trust. The beautiful gardens, provided a perfect backdrop for community members to come together and support our school. We are incredibly grateful to everyone who participated and contributed to this fantastic event.

A Visit from Author Zanna Davidson 📚✨

Our students were thrilled to welcome author Zanna Davidson to our school. During her visit, we embarked on an imaginative journey creating our own mini monsters. The children placed these creatures in various predicaments and brainstormed inventive superpowers to help them escape. This engaging activity captivated our students, sparking their creativity and love for storytelling.

Archaeological Dig at St. Peter and St. Paul Church ⛪️🏺🔍

On June 12th, we had an extraordinary school outing to an archaeological dig at the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul in Albury, courtesy of the Church Conservation Trust. Our students had the unique opportunity to dig at real archaeological sites, discovering building materials over 100 years old and unearthing fascinating artefacts. Exploring the historic church further enriched our experience, as we delved into its rich past. This hands-on learning adventure ignited a passion for archaeology and heritage conservation among our students, making it a day to remember.

Sports Day Extravaganza 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🎉

Sports Day was a lively event this month, bringing together our school and nursery children for a fun-filled afternoon of physical activities. The children participated in various races, including running, hopping, throwing, crawling, and balancing. A highlight was the parents' team race, adding an extra layer of excitement to the day. Year 1 parents played a crucial role in providing refreshments and setting up gazebos, ensuring everyone stayed hydrated and shaded. It was a fantastic day of teamwork, sportsmanship, and community spirit.

Guildford Schools in Bloom Competition 🌺🏆

Our school grounds have never looked more beautiful, thanks to the hard work of school mum Mina and our enthusiastic students. We were recently judged for the 'Guildford Schools in Bloom' competition and are eagerly awaiting the results. The children have learned so much about gardening and the importance of maintaining a beautiful and sustainable environment. Fingers crossed for a positive outcome!

Looking Ahead: Circus-Themed Leavers Play 🎪🤹‍♂️

As we look forward to the rest of the summer, our children are busily preparing for their circus-themed leavers play. Excitement is building as they practice their roles, and we can't wait to see their hard work come to fruition in what promises to be a spectacular performance.

June has truly been a month of growth, learning, and community at Peaslake Free School. We are proud of our students and grateful for the unwavering support of our parents, teachers, and the entire school community. Here's to more adventures and achievements in the coming months!


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