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Marvellous May

Exciting Events and Upcoming Activities!

A Visit from a Pilot

We were delighted to welcome a special guest to our school recently—a pilot who engaged all classes with fascinating stories and insights about aviation. This visit was particularly inspiring for our Year 2 students, who have been learning about the pioneering aviator Amelia Earhart. The pilot’s visit brought their lessons to life, sparking curiosity and enthusiasm about the world of flying and the incredible achievements of aviators.

Reception: Learning About People Who Help Us

Our Reception classes have been busy learning about the various people who help us in our community. The pilot’s visit complemented their studies perfectly, adding a real-world connection to their classroom discussions. The children have been exploring different roles, from firefighters to doctors, understanding how these important figures contribute to our safety and well-being.

Teddy Bears' Picnic Fair

On May 10th, the grounds at Abinger Hammer came alive for our Teddy Bears' Picnic, a fundraising event organised by our wonderful parents. The event was a huge success, with children and families coming together to enjoy an evening filled with fun and laughter. Highlights of the day included:

  • Teddy Dress Up Competitions: Children showed off their creativity by dressing up their teddy bears in imaginative outfits.

  • Duck Races: Excitement ran high as children cheered for their favourite ducks in the water race.

  • Nerf Gun competition: Children had fun practicing their aim to be in with a chance of the prize.

  • Bouncy Castles, Coconut Shy, Jolly Jam Jars and more: The fun of all that a traditional village fair brings brought smiles to everyones faces in the beautiful sunshine.

The fair was not only a day of joy but also raised valuable funds for our school, thanks to the incredible efforts of our parent volunteers.

Year 2 Art Adventures

Year 2 students have been diving into their art lessons with great enthusiasm. Recently, they explored innovative techniques such as making their own brushes, creating visual notes, and experimenting with colour arrangements. These activities have nurtured their creativity and provided them with a deeper appreciation for artistic expression.

Upcoming: Environmental Week and World Turtle Day

This week promises to be an exciting and educational time as our school participates in Environmental Week. This initiative will culminate in an after-school miniature fair on Thursday, May 23rd, coinciding with World Turtle Day. The children will be selling handmade items created in their classes, with all proceeds going to the Turtle Foundation. This event not only raises awareness about environmental conservation but also empowers our children to contribute to a global cause.

We look forward to seeing the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of our pupils in action, and we invite all parents to join us in supporting this meaningful initiative.

Stay tuned for more updates and stories from our vibrant school community!


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